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Please note: We require proof of identity from our clients before starting an investigation along with a signed commissioning note in compliance with Hungarian legislation. Your name and address will be recorded in our case log but this may only be examined by Hungarian Police as our supervisory authority.
We only accept instructions that conform with Hungarian and EU legislation.

Private investigations


Hungary Eye Investigations provides a number of services for private individuals. We surveillance services, background investigations, fraud investigations, and search for missing people. Please note that if you wish us to find someone on your behalf, we will only provide you with their contact details if they provide us with their express permission to do so unless you can provide sufficient evidence of a legitimate interest under the terms of the European Union's data protection regulation GDPR.

[ General Surveillance / Matrimonial / Domestic Investigations / Missing Persons ]




We provide commercial and litigation support services to companies,  law offices, compliance departments, insurance companies and HR departments. This includes investigations of supply chains as required by new legislation such as Germany's supply chain legislation (Lieferkettengesetz) and the EU's Whistleblower regulation.

[ Employment Activity / Background Checks / Supply Chain / Whistleblower]




The mainstay of Hungary Eye's activities is providing due diligence and investigative services to risk consultancies and investigative agencies in the United Kingdom, the United States and Germany. Apart from standard due diligence, we also provide internal and external fraud investigations and check supplier compliance.

[Fraud Investigation / Due Diligence]


Open-source intelligence, media and public records


We can provide OSINT and public records research in individuals and companies in German, Hungarian and Romanian.

[open-source/public records/media]


NOTE: Process serving


Please note that process serving is not carried out by private investigators in Hungary. Documents can be served by post or a court bailiff. Please see the European Commission's guidelines on serving documents:

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