Terms and conditions

The Agency reserves the right to decline tasking and declare contract null and void without providing a reason in the case of any commission made without prior disclosure of the name of the subject of the investigation.
Data Impact Assessment

Hungary Eye will make a Date Impact Assessment to decide on whether and to what extent any investigation will impinge on the right to privacy of the subject, according to the GDRP.

The CLIENT agrees to provide all of the documents necessary to the execution of the task(s) to the AGENCY. In addition to this, the CLIENT agrees to provide the AGENCY with any authorities necessary to completing the set tasks during the course of the investigation.
The AGENCY agrees to maintain the confidentiality of any private or business secrets that enter its possession during the course of the investigation and to return or destroy any documents to the CLIENT at the end of contract.
Hungary Eye Bt may make use of any legal method during the course of the investigation. The CLIENT acknowledges that the AGENCY will complete the investigation making use of every legal method, but that the investigative commission – due its nature – may not be tied to results and is accepted on a ‘best effort’ basis.
The CLIENT empowers the AGENCY to proceed in his/her/its name in regard and only in regard to the tasks outlined above in the interests of completing the stated aims of this commission.
The CLIENT acknowledges that any information received from Hungary Eye Bt that has been acquired during the course of the investigation may only be used in decisions directly related to the issue addressed in this commission. The CLIENT may only make this information known to a third person in the case of concrete suspicion of a crime and taking into account European Union law and Hungarian civil law regarding individual legal rights and publicity. 
The CLIENT accepts that the AGENCY – as the legal source of this information -may only be asked to provide evidence to a court of law. The CLIENT states that no political or diplomatic organization is behind this commission and that this commission is not aimed at a political or diplomatic organization.
The Client authorises an initial investigation period after consulting with the AGENCY. Any further investigation time can be authorised by the CLIENT a specified email address or telephone number . The CLIENT agrees to pay for any authorised investigative time within 15 days of completion of the project and receipt of the final invoice if not otherwise agreed.
The CLIENT accepts that the AGENCY will destroy all documentation relating to the case within 15 days of completion of the contract in unless notifed by the CLIENT that such documentation is required in a court of law. The AGENCY is the data processor and the AGENCY and the CLIENT are joint data controllers. The CLIENT authorises the AGENCY to manage and store his/her/its data for administrative purposes. Details of the AGENCY’s GDPR policies can be found at www.hungaryeye.com. The CLIENT agrees that any personal data relating to the SUBJECT(S) of this investigation will only be communicated to the CLIENT with the express consent permission of the SUBJECT (post-trace consent).
The CLIENT acknowledges and permits that his/her/its name and address will be entered into Hungary Eye Bt’s log of investigative contracts and accepts that this may be inspected by the Hungarian authorities (police) as the AGENCY’s supervisory authority at any time. The Client’s details will not be made available to any Third Party other than the Hungarian authorities.
The parties agree that any issues not regulated by the current contract are to be addressed with reference to the regulations and provisions of Hungarian Civil Law